Making Military Moves Easier: Selling Your Current Home

Knowing that most military families get their notification of a move between December and February, I thought now was a good time to suggest some strategies for selling your current home quickly and easily:

Formulate a pricing and negotiation strategy based on realistic expectations of time on market and the competition—how many similar homes are on the market at the same time? Ask how much equity do you have in the home and how much is needed in net sale proceeds for the next purchase. Strengthen your leverage by:

  • Adjusting the price for cost of repairs or replacement of major items
  • Contributing toward the buyer’s closing costs
  • Offering a fast closing
  • Offering a home warranty
  • Offering a mortgage assumption to qualified buyers

Factors that can weaken your leverage include:

  • Low equity with little room for price negotiations
  • Delayed maintenance
  • Competition from similar properties on the market

And of course, work with a certified Military Relocation Professional like Amy Glover Bryant at Ausum Realty.  You can contact Amy at 501.823.0577 or by email at


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